The Dark Elf Ninja Trilogy will return

The Dark Elf Ninja Trilogy was a novel series that was published to help promote a role-playing gaming system published by Neuwerld Studios. Unfortunately, the publishing house for this role-playing system has disappeared. As such, the novel series would be promoting a setting, and system, without a publisher behind it. I decided that the novel series did not make sense to continue without the publisher involved.

So, "Killing for Others," the novella that shows the origins of the dark elf on Earth, and Money for Nothing, Open for Business and Set for Life will be no more. This doesn't mean that the stories are gone forever. Eizo, the dark elf; Alec Laurence and all the adventures will just be repurposed to be completely stand-alone. Thus they will also get new titles.

This page will update with more news once it can be made public.